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Subject: Failsworth Tossers Hi thanks for looking at my story. My name is Craig
and I live in Failsworth near Manchester, England. I am a normal boy I like most things boys of my age
like, Sports, Music, Cars etc. But what I like most of
all is pulling on a stiff prick and watching all the
spunk come out. It feels great to pull on my stiff prick
but I like it better when I have a mate and we lend each
other a hand, so to speak. It started a few years back when my friend, Tony,
camped out in a tent naked lolita pic only with me in my Parent's back garden.
We were both in our sleeping bags when Tony suggested we
zip them together and make one big one. After a while we
started to touch each other and teen pussy lolita pics soon we were feeling each
other up. I had been wanking for about a year by then but
had never done anything with anyone. My cock was stiff
when his hand came to rest on it and immediately I
reached over and grabbed his. Like me he was sporting a
boner. We started to wank each other and in no time at
all we were both shooting our hot spunky loads onto our
stomachs. "That was great", I said. Tony agreed with me that it was a fantastic
experience. I awoke next morning to find Tony was feeling me up
and my cock was already half hard. Again he started to
wank me off, but stopped after a while. I was
disappointed he had not brought me off. "I want to see you shoot", he said, as he unzipped
the bag. His hand retuned to my cock and he started wanking me
off with more haste, soon I was shooting a load into my
stomach. He lay back down and I reached over and returned
the favour watching intently as his load shoot out of his
cock and onto his stomach. After that there was no stopping us every opportunity
we got we would grab hold of the other's prick and pull
on it until a hot sticky load came shooting out. We have
done it in all sorts of places, in the cemetery, in the
swimming bath cubicle, in the fields near were we live
are just some off the places were it has happened. We did
once on a freezing cold day at the cricket ground. We
were watching the game but the ground was almost deserted
so we got the blanket that was keeping us warm and placed
it over our laps. We then took turns in beating the
others meat to a hot frothy cum. Although Tony was my first and most frequent wanking
partner he is by no means the only one. I met Claude on a school exchange trip to France. I
was staying with his family for two weeks. lolita teen sex paysite Now having an
extra person living in their house caused problems. They
had three children who each had a bedroom each, but
because of my visit I was given the older boy's bedroom
and he had to share Claude's bed. Now half way through
the visit I suggested that I share Claude's bed and his
older brother could have his room back. No sooner was I
in bed with Claude then my hand went out to do some
exploring. Sure enough my hand found his cock which was
soft at this point but after a little coaxing it soon
became stiff. I continued to pull on it until he covered
my hand with his sticky load. There was still about a
week left of the trip and we spent most of that time
feeling each other up and rubbing against each other
before wanking the other off. One day I shot five loads.
I slept soundly that night. Now as you can imagine the school showers after
sports are an exciting time for me with all the cocks on
view. I have to try my damned hardest not to spring a
boner in there. But one day it just happened. My cock was
stiff as steel and pointing upwards for all to see. "Craig is a puffter, Craig is a puffter", they all
cheered out in unison. Paul Jones is the school bully and I was genuinely
frightened of him. "Little queer", he said as we got dressed. "Faggot", he said as he walked past me and pushed me
to the floor. "Don't worry", Tony young lolita girls nymphet
said, as the others left, "They
don't really think you are. They young teen lolita nude will soon forget about
it". Tony helped me up and told me when we got home we
could have a good wanking session. Which caused my cock
to swell again. "You had better put that away before anyone else sees
it", Tony said as he gave it a quick pull. I reached out and took hold of his stiffening cock as
we gave each other a quick feel. "Er come on get dressed", Mr. Lowe said, shouting
from the door. Mr. Lowe was my little sex lolita pedo favourite teacher he was about six
foot tall and about 23 or 24 years old. He had only been
at my school a few weeks. "Did he see us", I asked, shocked. "No I don't think so", said Tony. Me and Tony made our way home from school for our
usual wanking session. We took turns in wanking each
other off after school. Tonight it was my turn to receive
first. We both slipped out of our school uniform leaving
just our underwear on. Our hands instinctively reached
for the others crotch and copped a good feel. Next we
slid our hands inside the others crotch and made sure the
other's cock was nice and hard for the wank it was about
to receive. "Come on", I said, pulling away from Tony, "I need to
cum". "Lie on lolita teen sex paysite
your bed then", he said, gently pushing me in
the chest. I lie down on my bed and place my hands behind my
head in preparation for a long slow wank off my buddy.
Tony sits on the side of my bed and takes my cock into
between his thumb and fore finger and starts to move up
and down my shaft. With his other fingers he gently
flicks my balls on every few strokes. I close my eyes as
I enjoy the attention Tony is giving me. After about ten minutes I feel the pressure building
in my loins. I take hold of Tony hand. "Let me do you for a bit", I ask. We swap positions and I take hold of Tony's cock and
start to pull on it just like he was doing too me. I am watching his cock intently as it throbs between
my fingers. I look up at his face his eyes are closed
tightly as my fingers perform their magic on his big
cock. "Slower", he moans I slow my pace down. I leave go of his cock for a
moment while I shift my position. I kneel down between
his legs which he spreads wide and I return to my slow
manipulation of his prick. My fingers once again wrap around his cock and prick
starts to stiffen. I bend down and flick his balls with
my tongue. "Oh", he moans, as he enjoys my attention to his
dick. I look up at his face. He opens his eyes just as I do
so and he flashes me his sexy smile. "Okay mate", I ask. "Fuckin lolita teen model ped fantanstic", he says, "You have got forever
to stop". I continue to slowly wank him off. I listen to his
moans of pleasure as my hand moves up and down his shaft. The house is silent except for the noises from my
bedroom. lolita teen sex paysite "I'm getting close mate", he groans. "Spunk on me", I ask. Quickly we change our position I lie down and he
straddles my chest. My hand returns to his cock and now
with a little more urgency I begin to tug on his cock. "Oh yer", he moans. My hand is now moving faster and faster up and down
his shaft. His breathing becomes short pants. I look up at his face his eyes are closed tightly. "Oh cuming mate", he gasps out. I feel his load rising up his shaft and it shoots out
hitting my chest in several blasts. I continue to pull
away at his cock draining every last drop of his load. He looks down at my chest and laughs. "It's covered in my cum", he says. "Finish me off", I beg I kneel up and he does the same and he takes hold of
my cock and starts to pull on it frantically. We look each other in the eyes as he wanks away at my
prick. "Here I cum", I pant. My load blasts out of my cock and onto his cock and
balls and making his pubes a sticky mess with one of my
biggest ever loads. As I climb down from my orgasm I reach out and gently
massage my load into his balls. His pubes look a sight covered as they are in my
spunk. "Come on mate", he says, "We had better clean up
before your Mum and Dad gets home". We take turns in having a quick shower before getting
dressed. A few days later I was mucking about in Geography
when the teacher, Mrs. Scott, had had enough. "Craig detention tonight", she shouted at me. So after school I had to go to detention and to make
matters worse no sooner had I sat down then Paul Jones
came in sat next to me. We were the only two in the room
apart from the teacher who was supervising. So why did he
have to sit next to me. "Gay boy", he whispered as he sat next to me. "Be quiet and get on with your work", the teacher
said. I hurried along with my work I needed to be out of
there as soon as possible. I was sure Paul was about to
beat me. After about fifteen minutes the teacher announced she
had to leave but someone else would be along shortly to
check on us. Now I was alone with him I feared what was coming
next. "Craig is a faggot. Craig is a faggot", he sang to a
silly tune. "Fuck off", I said, as I hurriedly tried to get my
work completed. "Bet you want some of this", he said. "Some of what", I asked without looking away from my
work. He nudged me with his elbow. "This", he said. I looked across and was amazed to find he had his
semi hard cock sticking out of the fly of his school
trousers. I could not take my eyes of it doing my best to
resist my urge to reach out and grab it. But it was to no
avail I just had to touch it. I reached over and took
hold of it and it started to stiffen in my hand. I slowly
started to wank him. "Faster", he said, "I don't want to be caught any
more than you do". I wanked away at his prick bringing him closer and
closer towards orgasm. My own cock was painfully stiff in
my pants but from the position I was sat in I could not
yank it out. I was really into it and did not hear the door open. Paul cock erupted in a shower of spunk as he shot his
load under the desk. "Excuse me", we both heard. I looked up horrified to see Mr. Lowe stood there. "Paul put that thing back in your pants and go home",
Mr. Lowe said. "Yes sir", said Paul, as he speedily gathered his
belongings and left the room. I stood up to leave. "Well Craig", Mr. Lowe said, in a question sort of
manner. "Please don't tell anyone. Please don't tell my mum
and dad", I begged. Mr Lowe moved closer to me. "That's twice I've caught you in a compromising
position with another boy", he said. "Yes", I nodded, glumly. "You like fooling around with other boys", he asked. I did not know what to say. I was embarrassed. "I could do with a little hand action myself", he
said. I was shocked. Was my teacher asking me to wank him
off. I looked down at his pants there was a massive bulge
in his pants. Tentatively I reached out and squeezed his
mound. He took hold of my hand and pushed into his crotch.
His cock felt pretty big I was dying to see it. "You get off yourself before", he asked. "No", I said. "What you say to going back to my office and we help
each other out", he asked. I nodded. I gathered up my stuff and followed him to his office
in the sports hall. He ushered me in and turned and
locked the door. "Just in case anyone comes in", he said. I stood against his desk. "You sure you want to do it", he asked. "Yes sir", I replied, "I like playing with boys
dicks". "So do I", he replied. "You want to wank each other off then", he asked. "Yes sir", I said. "I could get into a little sex lolita pedo
lot of trouble for this", he
said, "You have got to promise never to tell anyone". lolitas 6 year sex I agreed. "Drop your pants then", he said as he unbuckled his
and allowed them to drop to the floor. I pushed my pants and underwear down and stiff prick
jutted out. Mr. Lowe moved closer to me and took hold of my dick
and started to wank me. I reached out and little sex lolita pedo pulled his cock
from his underwear. I gasped when I saw the size of it. underaga lolita models nude "How big is it sir", I enquired. "Eight inches", he told me. I started wanking on his cock as he did the same to
me. It did not take me long and I was spurting my load
all over the floor. Mr Lowe took a little longer but soon
he blasted out the biggest load I have ever seen shoot
out of a cock. We hurriedly got dressed and I left his room and ran
home. The next day when I got to school, Paul Jones, and
his friends were waiting for me. "Here's the sissy boy", Paul called out, and they all
laughed. That continued all day every time they saw me they
would call me names. As I walked home from school that evening, Paul
Jones, caught up with me. "You want to come back to mine", he said. "What for", I replied. "Could do preteen loloita nipples bbs with another wank from that hand of yours.
You're good", he said. I was frightened he was going to beat me but the
chance of getting my hand on some cock was too good to
miss. He told me to come round in half an hour and not be
seen. I went home and got changed and then made my way to
his house. I knocked on the door and he answered it in
just as pair of shorts, causing my prick to swell. "Where's your mum and dad", I asked. "My dad's at work. Mum is shopping she will be home
in about an hour", he said. "Come upstairs", littlest naked russian lolitas he said. I followed him to his bedroom and he lay on his bed.
I sat on the side of his bed and looked down at him. preteen loloita nipples bbs "Go on then", he said. I reached inside his shorts and took hold of his
already stiff prick. I pumped away a little in his shorts
before I pulled it out and started tossing him but his
shorts were getting in the way so I pulled them down and
off his feet. My hand returned to his cock. "You can do it more slowly today", he said. I began top slowly pull on his prick before picking
up speed a little later it was almost a full ten minutes
before he shot out his load over my hand and his stomach
and chest. "That was good", he said, as he reached for a tissue
to wipe himself off, he handed me one to clean up. "Think you will be seeing a lot more of my cock in
the future", he said. "Anytime", I said, I wanted to get home for a mutual
session with Tony before my tea. I was about to leave. "Do you want me to do you", he asked. "Yer", I beamed. I slid my jeans and underwear off and onto the floor
and he motioned me to lie on his bed. He reached out and took hold of my cock. I closed my
eyes as he wanked away. I opened them momentarily to se
his face pretty close to my cock. The thought of spurting
my load over the school bully's face made my cock that
little bit harder. Then he stopped wanking on it. I was
about to open my eyes to see why he had stopped when I
felt his tongue lick my piss slit and then his lips
wrapped round the head of cock. But that as they say is
another story.
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